Mote ne!? 02

Chapter 2, right on time.

Download (via Mediafire)

We recruited a new editor, HansMaulwurf, and a cleaner, Iwan. Welcome guys, and thanks for the hard work! Their effort is already apparent in the quality of this chapter.
We’d also like to thank all the other Amazume fans who offered to help us edit and clean, or just left words of support and appreciation. It means a lot to us.

See you guys next week for chapter 3!


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Mote ne!? 01 (First Release!?)

Well we just had a welcome post, so I’ll keep this brief.

Download (via Mediafire)

Hopefully we’ll see you again next week with chapter 2!


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Welcome to Amazume Scans

Amazume Scans is here because I like Amazume’s work, and some of it needs to be translated.  You can thank our proofer Cherry for introducing me to his stuff.

I’m no native Japanese speaker, but I’ve been studying long enough to finally feel like I can get this done.  I’m hoping for about a release a week, no promises.

At the very least Mote ne!? is planned.  If all goes well I’d like to tackle the single volume of Kitto Subete ga Umakuiku and his 6-volume Nidaime wa Cosplayer.

Happy reading!



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